Thesis Defense for the award of Bachelor’s Degree in International Law

The University Institute of Sciences and Technology (UIST) hosted, on October 26, 2018, the oral defense of the thesis being submitted to the Anglophone Departement by Miss Dahlia Ahouandjinou, in partial fulfilment to the award of Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations.

The research topic is “China’s fast economic growth : an asset to the West”. According to her compendium, radically different consequences flowed from China’s interactions with the global economy during two periods, from 1860 to 1949, and from 1949 to the present. From 1860 to 1949, China’s economy stagnated. After 1949, Chinese communists regained full national sovereignty and used this control to take ownership of China’s domestic economy from both foreign and chinese investors. The global economic environment also became less military interventionist and more conducive to non-western economic development.

This thesis examines the different great periods of China’s economy, from poverty to highly fastest economic growth in the world. And it finally identifies the impact of this meteoric economic rise on the world.

In consideration of her perfomance, the defense committee awarded Miss Dahlia Ahouandjinou the Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations with the Letter Grade “A-“.

Defense Committee Members :

Prof. Noukpo Agossou, Chair

Prof. Thomas Houessou-Adin, Ex-Officio Member

Dr. Julien Coomlan Hounkpe, Examiner

Our Congrats to the new graduate 🎓


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