English Lesson 4 _ The Court Procedures

What are the types of cases that courts handle ?           The courts handle two main kinds of cases. They are civil cases and criminal cases.  A civil case is a private court proceeding where someone sues someone else. This is also known as a suit or action. A civil action or suit starts when … Continue reading English Lesson 4 _ The Court Procedures

English Lesson 3 _ Legal Professions

The responsibilities and roles of the different types of legal professions are different from one country to another. They depend on the history and the legal system of each individual country. In some countries the role of a lawyer is divided into two types  – lawyers who represent their clients in the high courts, and … Continue reading English Lesson 3 _ Legal Professions

English Lesson 2 _ Classifications of Law

What are the types of law ? The study of law distinguishes between public law and private. This distinction is more important in the Civil Law systems and less fundamental in the Common Law system. However, the distinction between civil law and criminal law is more important to practicing lawyers in common law systems. What … Continue reading English Lesson 2 _ Classifications of Law

English Lesson 1 : Legal Systems

What is a legal system ?   A legal system consists of the laws, the courts and the law-making institutions in a country. Each country has its own legal system. Some legal systems are organized on the basis of a written constitution (e.g. the United States), others have constitutional systems not resulting from a single … Continue reading English Lesson 1 : Legal Systems